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Here is a statement from GCBG Executive Director regarding the release of a Department of Revenue bulletin effecting Georgia’s craft brewers:

SB 63 was vetted and debated by the Georgia General Assembly over a three-month period early this year, and was ultimately passed with overwhelming support through both the House and Senate. While SB63 waited for the Governor’s signature, the Georgia Department of Revenue issued exhaustive Rules and Regulations on June 26th after one month of open debate and comment from members of the industry. Both the law and the regulations associated with it went into effect on July 1st, 2015 to much fanfare from brewers and citizens alike.
Throughout this process, from the bill’s introduction in January to its enactment in July, a brewer’s right to charge variable prices for brewery tours by whatever basis they saw fit was clear and unambiguous. It is egregious that the Department of Revenue has waited until now – after the conclusion of months of debate on this law – to quietly, and without open comment, issue a bulletin that flies in the face of the consensus understanding of the law and the known legislative intent. Furthermore, it contradicts the rules that the DoR itself set forth and under which breweries in Georgia have been operating for the last 3 months. The timing of this bulletin smacks of political jockeying and underscores that breweries in Georgia need clear and direct retail sales without equivocation.
Georgia’s small breweries have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars of capital, hired new employees, and overhauled their tasting rooms under direct assurances from the Department of Revenue that a tasting room offering multiple tour types, including to-go tours, was acceptable and viable. This bulletin is in antithesis to that understanding. Our small brewers, yet again, have had the rug pulled out from underneath them.  It is more clear now than ever before that Georgia’s brewers need absolute direct sales and other basic rights enjoyed by breweries around the country.
 – Nancy Palmer, Executive Director
To read the bulletin click here. Send press requests to npalmer@georgiacraftbrewersguild.org.